STFU News Pundits

Photo by supershabashnyi/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by supershabashnyi/iStock / Getty Images

After “the media” suddenly came to the very obvious conclusion that it had collectively botched the forecasts for the presidential election, these same self-described liberal elites tripped over themselves to explain how they got it wrong. Y’all want us to listen to how you screwed up, and then hear why we should trust your opinions again? C’mon son.

Especially these TV talking heads, who -- well, I have no idea how much they make but since they’re on TV we can reasonably assume it’s more than most -- will be just fine after the three-headed Republican beasts slash all the shit we depend on every day. We really don’t want to hear your jokes, or smug, snarky commentary or jokes. Nothing is funny. We can’t think-piece our way out of the sewage cloud that’s going to be raining down by February.

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