As predicted, the asshat-in-chief has followed through on yet another destructive, half-baked policy targeting people of color -- this time the revocation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Though some have defended the move, saying it will lead to more sensible, practical change on immigration that'll help immigrant kids in the long run, the wider consensus is that this move is exactly what it looks like: an appeal to the racist, xenophobic white base that got this clown elected. The worst part about it? Orange Mussolini didn't even have the balls to stand in front of Americans and deliver the news himself, instead delegating the word that some 800,000 kids -- children -- may lose their ability to stay in the only country they've ever known. It's disgraceful, which meant it's a job for Shameless Ass Jeff Sessions, whose record on civil rights and incarceration of low-income/people of color ranks him up there with archetypical villains like Gargamel or Mr. Burns in terms of pure evilness. 

What all this represents, more than anything, is the moral and ethical hollowness of Sessions and every other person in this White House who are willing to enact such cruel legislation (which by the way could have devastating consequences on the economy. ) We at #MFU stand with all the families to be impacted by this outrageous move but we also stand with our middle fingers firmly in the air for Sessions. At the risk of sounding ineloquent, there's really only one thing we can say to him and his minions: Fuck you.  

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