Lost in the intense shouting from free speech advocates, clueless defenders of Wal-Mart patriotism and straight up buffoons like Donald Trump about NFL players' kneeling is this: Colin Kaepernick started doing it during the anthem as a way to bring attention to police brutality. 

The Huffington Post points out that since Colin started kneeling, at least 223 black Americans were killed by police -- proportionately higher than whites. Bigger than that though (which is hard statement to wrap your head around, but yeah) is that, in the year since, America elected a demonstrative racist to the highest office in the world. And as we knew he would, he's filled his Cabinet with people with Neo-Nazi sympathies, who're determined to de-fund public schools, and a prosecutor so dangerous that Coretta Scott King herself warned people about him publicly.

DT's insidious comment that he would fire the "sons of bitches" who kneel at games sums up his plantation owning cracker mentality entirely: he sees, as rich white men have seen black bodies for centuries, as commodities to be owned and controlled, with no usefulness beyond their ability to make profit. 

After Charlottesville, and now this, the rotten stench of DT's white supremacist core is impossible to ignore, which is why seeing hundreds of players, across color lines, kneeling during the national anthem was a defiant, beautiful #MFU that was inspiring to see. Race and the bloody injustices that stain the flag are conversations all the way out in the open now. Picketers have stormed the picnic and made it impossible to carry on frolicking in white denial. The charade is over. Kneeling is the new middle finger. 


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