This story is actually a year old, but it's been re-circulating lately and well, it's a #middlefingerup for the ages that quite frankly should be repeated every day, like the Pledge of Petty Allegiance. June J Rivas learned her boss was a grade-A See Ya Next Tuesday when she told June that the headscarves she wore to work were unprofessional for the workplace. June rightfully filed a harassment complaint against said bitch boss but unfortunately, June's boss flexed on her, one-upping her complaint with new rules forbidding "cultural head wraps." But June, Queen of Petty and a true #MFU hero, took it to the next level. After filing a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Employment Commission, June decided she would get the last laugh, literally, by wearing a costume to work everyday. On her Facebook, June posted pics of her in daily cosplay: Star Trek, the X-Men's Storm and uh, a janitor are just a few of the looks she donned in the office, technically within company guidelines but obviously royally pissing her boss off too. It's too perfect, and a reminder that giving someone the finger can be creative and oh so fun. Well done June.