Kim, Khloe and oh Lord who know the rest of them’s little brother pulled the ultimate in butthurt theatrics when he posted nude pics of his baby mother Blac Chyna this July. Look, we get it. She’s like, champion of all thots. She’s probably not the best role model for their kid. She played him. But hey, he chose to wife her. And even if it was just a smash and go, it’s never cool to air out an ex in public and it's especially not OK to publish images of them naked. It’s illegal. Ordinarily people who’d want a friend to reach a bit higher would say something like, ‘You’re better than this,’ but apparently, he isn’t. He alienated his family for her, and when it went South (as everybody knew it would) he chose to clap back with revenge porn. Does it get more douchey? Yes. Yes it does. This is beyond douchey, it’s peak fuckboy. And given his stature and influence, he’s proven to be king of them.