The song says it’s the most wonderful time of year, but only if you enjoy being bombarded by sales pitches for crap nobody needs, increased crowds everywhere, bitter cold and having to put on your “sparkle!” face at mandatory parties. Let’s call it like it is: Christmas music sucks. Though not as annoying as those store decorations that start arriving right after Labor Day, Christmas music creeps into our lives pretty stealthy -- Donny Hathaway’s enjoyable “This Christmas” here and RUN DMC’s fun “Christmas in Hollis” there -- until, before you know it, you’re hearing Mariah hollering “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” a song that could legit be used to torture people, every place you turn. Overtly sentimental and downright silly, Christmas music now feels as much of a crass celebration of consumerism as the holiday itself. Some of it is even kind of creepy, as some savvy listeners figured out while hearing “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” and discovering that Whoa, it’s kind of date rape-y. For people who’re dealing with winter blues or the loss of loved ones, it’s especially painful. We are powerless to avoid it, obviously; running around screaming, “Turn that off,” is as Scrooge-y as you can get. The best those of us who loathe Christmas music can do is grit our teeth and hold on until Jan. 1, when we can celebrate the end of the onslaught by drunkenly singing the only few words of “Auld Lang Syne” anybody actually knows. 

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