This was me at work yesterday: trying to finish a report on deadline while listening to one of the douches from sales scream at a client. The extra Valley girl OMG’ing over every single thing anyone says to her. Caught downwind of another team’s stupid “huddle” meeting they had at someone’s desk because all the rooms were booked. Some asshole was literally playing a ukulele.  How am I supposed to think – let alone work?

Yes, I have headphones but I’ve yet to find the perfect white noise for drowning out the soundtrack of corporate hell and, sorry for existing, I do my best number-crunching and problem solving while I’m lost in the gorgeous notes of a Miles Davis solo. Beyond the noise pollution, I really don’t want to be this close to anyone either.  I can hear the person next to me breathe. I can hear him chew. His moldy gym back smells. This is it, every day, until I finally find a place to hide (I’ve worked in the breastfeeding room, and the stairwell) in order to think and do my job. Suddenly the antiquated offices on Mad Men don’t seem like such a bad idea.

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