Take A Seat, Kanye West

Not to take delight in your wife's horrific episode or anything bruh, but if there were ever a time for you to take a fucking seat, it's now. There's no other way to say it Ye: we're sick of your shit. Tired of hearing you blather on about how genius you are. Tired of you praising your just-OK videos -- especially the ones the rip off another artist entirely -- as brilliant. And everybody is sick of you slobbering while panting how we should worship your fashion sensibility...when the clothes are trash and your shows are getting worse, not better. Maybe it's time for you take some time off? Since you're so invaluable, maybe you can divert some of that energy to, I don't know, helping all the black kids in your home city of Chicago instead of finding new ways to charge thousands of dollars for sneakers? Just a thought. Whatever you do though, do it alone, quietly. Thanks.

#MFU #Music #culture #assholes

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