Let's Take It Down A Notch, "Cultural Appropriation" Police


But in the short years since we all got hip to 'cultural appropriation' and what it means, some of y'all have been taking your wokeness way too far -- like the chick that went loco on the white dude for having dreadlocks. We absolutely should be respectful of the origins of things but without a cultural mishmash, America would basically be reduced to hot dogs and high fructose corn syrup. In this 21st century melting pot global economy, we can't help but appropriate. We wear pajamas because of Indians, sick denim because of Japanese and beautiful braids because of Africans. We eat tacos because of Mexicans and owe a large chunk of our approach to math and science to Muslims. Hell, none of us would even be here if not for Native Americans. So, by all means don't mock or parody people but you can definitely pause on shaking your finger at some white lady for wearing mud cloth. You're not dropping science; you're just being annoying. #MFU #culturalappropriation

No, you definitely should not wear a ceremonial Native American headdress to a concert.

Culture, LifeAndre Johnson