A Word On Your Pedicure Pics. No.

And I’m not talking the cute, fresh-out-of-the-chair shot of that adorable polish or finely detailed polish job. I mean shots of the process: your feet submerged in the water with the top of some Asian woman’s head showing, or the excruciating action photo of your hooves being soles being pumiced or, God help us, your toenails being clipped. Why? Do you think you’d need an airtight alibi later? Has a loved one mandated this very routine and not impressive at all act of grooming? Is this maybe your first time? It doesn’t matter. None of this is lovely; it’s unsettling. Unless you can honestly say you’re willing to share documentation of your entire self-care regimen – the waxing, having a zit popped or a mole removed – please do put the plucking of your little piggies in the same category. Put them away.

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