Thanks, Red States

Photo by wrangel/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by wrangel/iStock / Getty Images

One of many things that stands out in the aftermath of Election 2016 is just how “red” America’s central states are. Even states that previously voted in Barack Obama -- Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc -- showed up to put Donald Trump in the White House. What we’re being told is that these are good, hard-working people who aren’t necessarily racist, sexist homophobes (as if that distinction makes any difference now) but salt-of-the-earth folk who were tired of their religion being mocked and seeing their factory jobs go to China and Mexico.

All of which is fine. But we’re also being led to believe that these people are “worried” about the direction the country is headed in: some sort of Backwards Land where churches are ripped out of the ground to make way for yoga studios, lesbians in combat boots are secretly working to eradicate men and it will be illegal to say “God” in public. We should be patient with them, we’re told. And that we say Hell no.

Thank goodness for the coasts -- without which we would not have lobster rolls, antique boutiques, movies, Ivy League educations or Wall Street. We’re elite for a reason; as this election has proven, the primary reason being the ability to tell when we’re being sold a load of bullshit. One thing people on the Coasts are not is without compassion though -- seriously, nearly everyone who’s ever been in a jam in New York City or Chicago or L.A. from anywhere in the world can recount a story about unexpected, remarkable kindness (even if said people had just been mugged.) We are not (all) godless sexual deviants looking for ways to penalize people for being straight or white or worshipping Christ. We are also sympathetic to lost jobs, being marginalized and feeling left out and like our lives don’t matter. We get it.

In fact, that’s the actual entire premise of Black Lives Matter, or feminist groups -- we demand to be heard. To be respected. To be given an opportunity. Peaceful, productive lives for all of us doesn’t have to be an either or proposition. But what we won’t do is be shouted down. We won’t allow black people to be suspects just for walking out of the house. We won’t allow women to earn a fraction of what men do for the same work, or honest, kind Allah-fearing Muslim Americans to be accosted on the street because somebody is “uncomfortable.” We the people in those blue states admit we got walloped, but we never back down. We always finish fights, and we fight to win.

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