A Requiem For All Who Don't Feel Like Fighting

Photo by esemelwe/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by esemelwe/iStock / Getty Images

A constant refrain after the election has been, “We have to fight.” Which sounds good.

But if you’re one of the “other” that this election has made so vulnerable, you may very well be tired of fighting. Being hyper vigilant about your every step, action, word, outfit and public mannerism gets exhausting. Having to explain why black lives matter, as you watch unarmed people being executed on the street with no accountability from law enforcement; being the last hired and the first fired or knowing you’re being paid less than someone else for the same work on account of gender or your skin color; fearing that your hardworking relatives who’ve been here for decades — all of it can suck the life out of you. We’ve been fighting; it’s an involuntary requirement for leaving home and coming back having accomplished anything at all. All our life we’ve had to fight. We’re tired.

Finally now, the good and decent straight white people — who can move through the world oblivious to what it’s like being an innocent suspect every day — understand. Their outrage is what we’ve had to mitigate in order not to be consumed by it, so that we can go to work or the movies or take our kids to see Santa. But it’s tiring.

So when you say, “We have to fight!” We hear you, and we love that you’re our allies. But maybe you guys can take the lead on it for a while.  Right now, we kinda need to rest up. Because it’s going to be a long four years, and that’s a lot of fighting.

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