Dear GrubHub CEO: We Love You

Photo by JohanJK/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by JohanJK/iStock / Getty Images

Right after the election, the CEO of food delivery service GrubHub Matt Maloney sent an epic, legendary letter to his employees expressing his shock and disbelief -- and a mandate not to try that Trump shit in the office.

While demeaning, insulting and ridiculing minorities, immigrants and the physically/mentally disabled worked for Mr. Trump, I want to be clear that this behavior - and these views, have no place at Grubhub. Had he worked here, many of his comments would have resulted in his immediate termination...As we all try to understand what this vote means to us, I want to affirm to anyone on our team that is scared or feels personally exposed, that I and everyone else here at Grubhub will fight for your dignity and your right to make a better life for yourself and your family here in the United States.

If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here.



That last line though. If you don’t agree, beat it. What a guy.

Although Maloney later published another letter clarifying that his call to pack your shit and leave wasn’t about political affiliation but disrespect, we have to applaud him for taking a stand. Must be very nice to know that when you go to work in the morning, you can at least know the person in charge isn’t an asshole, has a spine and stands for basic decency.

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