Donald Trump Jeopardizes My Pussy

Photo by JohanJK/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by JohanJK/iStock / Getty Images

We know everyone feels like both candidates are bad candidates, but all of this fervent talk about voting third party is ridiculous. Unfortunately we’re a two party system, we’ve been a two party system since the beginning of time. I don’t care how slighted you feel by both candidates: one of them is going to win. Get over it. Make peace with it in your head.

No one is saying the two-party system is foolproof, no one is even saying it’s a particularly GOOD system, but it’s just the system we’re stuck with. Writing in a third party candidate is as good as throwing your vote away. Unfortunately for the 2016 election you need to vote for whoever scares you the least. Educate yourself on the issues, see who aligns best with what you believe. There is no other option, there is no redo; we made our decision at the primaries, we have to live with it.

In this history of the United States a third party candidate has NEVER won a presidential election. In fact, third party candidates rarely win for lower offices either. You aren’t going to start a “revolution” by posting on Facebook about your decision to write-in. You’re not being a rebel, you’re being stupid. You’re not forcing change upon the system, you’re just throwing rocks into a black hole. Your vote is pointless, it disappears.

If you aren’t happy with either candidate, you still need to choose one. You have a responsibility to vote in this country and voting third party is almost more useless than sitting on your ass and neglecting the polls altogether. Use your brain, if you’ve gotten so far as to be offended by both candidates you are probably smart enough to realize which one poses more of a threat to modern democracy as we know it.

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