Super Effective Men's Birth Control Halted Due To Some Punk Ass Men's Discomfort

A new experimental form of male birth control is said to be some 96 percent effective in lowering sperm count so much as to make the injection as reliable as the female pill. This is amazing, because, if approved and on the market, women would finally no longer bear most of the burden of ensuring nobody has any accidental demon spawn – or the next Martin Shkreli — polluting the Earth.

There’s just one tiny snag with the injection though: a good chunk of the men in the trial study (20 of them) dropped out, due to adverse side effects. “Oh no!” You say, rightfully and sympathetically. “What terrible maladies were they suffering?”

Acne. Depression. Actually increased libido. Or as many women might put it, just a tiny sliver of the awful shit females endure when on the pill – or worse, accidentally pregnant. So, the trial has been halted! To make that clearer, we won’t have a male contraceptive injection anytime soon because some men got zits, the sads and couldn’t stop beating off. Thanks for nothing, science.

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