Don't Hate Neiman Marcus' $66 Collard Greens — Hate The Game

Photo by lofilolo/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by lofilolo/iStock / Getty Images

A lot of people are really pissed off that luxury retailer Neiman Marcus is peddling $66 collard greens through its website -- especially since the high-end store is making them like your (read: black) mama used to make: with special seasoning and bacon. (More authentic recipes call for a piece of pork but let’s not split hairs here.) Here’s the better news: they sold out.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of folks took to Twitter to rant and joke about “Gentrified greens” – as if this were the equivalent of turning a housing project in Brooklyn into an upscale apartment building. There is something to be said for the well-documented and continual upselling of black culture to white audiences but anger here may be unjustified. For starters, the four 12-oucnce trays are supposed to serve 8-12 but you damn well you could eat that much good collards by yourself. And unless there’s a woman named Bertha in the Neiman’s kitchen humming gospel as she cooks there’s no way these greens can match those of your auntie on her worst day.

The biggest lesson here though might be to use what you got to get what you want. Black people pioneered soul food but in the 21st century – where marketing, branding and digital savvy can change your life overnight – this is actually just a masterclass in hustling.

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