It’s been said that, If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

we've been paying a LOT of attention. And we're plenty pissed. 

We're pissed because elected officials have failed us. Because our roads are filled with idiot drivers; our subway cars crammed with smelly people who hate manners. Any given day means dealing with horrible bosses, expensive products that break a day after they're purchased, prejudice and micro-aggressions, roommates who don't understand 'mine' versus 'yours,' and general crimes against common sense. It’s exhausting. 

But we're taking a stand. We’re raising our voices. First though, we’re raising a finger.  Why is your middle finger up?


who we are

MFUink is a coterie of pissed-off peeps in New York and Los Angeles. We're writers, designers and editors but ulitmatley just regular ass people who are fed up with the nonsense. 

what we do

You know that sign people have over their desks that says "No Whining?" Not here. At MFUink, ranting, bitching and kvetching is greatly appreciated.